A rapper's family has to tweak the design for the man's headstone after a Massachusetts cemetery said his monument couldn't include profanity.

Sonny Santiago, 23, died in a car crash in February. His family wanted his headstone to be a 3-foot tall stone carved in the shape of the number one -- his performance name was Uno -- with the lyric, "You gonna remember the damn name, I give a f*** if I die with no damn friends, I got my fam by my side and that’s until the end," carved near the base, according to The Daily Item of Lynn, Mass.

But when the headstone maker submitted the design to Pine Grove Cemetery, where Santiago is already buried, the cemetery's commissioners unanimously voted against allowing the inscription, according to The Daily Item. The family is choosing a different, profanity-free lyric to put in its place, Santiago's sister told The Daily Item.

The headstone wording isn't the only point of contention between Santiago's family and Pine Grove. The cemetery has also asked the family to remove stone and mulch laid out in the shape of the number one from the gravesite.