They sit on the edge of their seats, anxious for the tip-off, nervous to find out if their bracket selections will be right or wrong. They aren’t however seated at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee or at a sports bar – they are at work.

“It is pretty cool. This is the first year that I can remember that the company has allowed us to come over and watch the game,” says Cathy Ludwiczak, a 28-year-employee at American Family Insurance.

With the University of Wisconsin playing in the NCAA Basketball tournament, American Family Insurance company set up a large room with tables, chairs a big projection screen to show the games. Employees are allowed to watch the games during breaks.

“This is just a way to build on that excitement and to help keep our work force engaged by making this very reasonable accommodation to them,” says Steve Witmer of American Family Insurance.

Regus, a business center in Madison is also showing the games on big screen TV’s. They say watching 64 teams chase a championship has resulted in creating one team in their office.

“We’ve got a bracket tournament going on here at the center. You know we’ve got clients that might not even know each other that have been throwing their best efforts into picking their national champion and it really has built a very high level of camaraderie,” say Jeremy Sarby, General Manager of the Regus office in East Madison.