Volunteers lined the bike path and other parts of Madison this morning to kick start Bike to Work Week. The event is being sponsored by the City of Madison and Dane County in partnership with the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.

The event is coordinated to inform people about the health benefits of biking to work as well as reducing traffic congestion, according to a release sent out by Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

“It’s easy to bike in Madison,” said Krista Eastman, co-chair of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Building’s Wellness Committee. “Lots of bike paths. They’re just trying to get the word out that it is pretty simple.”

This year is the first year the event will be extended on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus. A commuter station was located at the WID-MIR building this morning and stations at UW health as well as the Park Street pedestrian connection will be open as the event continues this week, according to a release from the university.

Commuter stations will be set along the bike path all week long. Volunteers at each station will be giving away everything from coffee and bagels to free tuneups and even bacon.  Eastman said incentives are hopefully a way to get people to get on a bike to work rather than get in a car.

“For those people who aren’t used to commuting by bike to work, the incentive of having free bacon along the bike path or a doughnut when you arrive might be the little thing that you need to try it for the first time,” Eastman said.

Participants will also receive information about Madison and Dane County bike trails. The event runs from May 14-18.