Gas prices climb for two weeks straight

National average $2.21 per gallon Monday

(LAKANA) - Gas prices have climbed nationally for two weeks straight since an OPEC agreement was reached Nov. 30.

AAA reports the national average is up 20 cents compared to the same date last year.

The West Coast region experienced a drop in gas prices, according to AAA, while the other regions saw prices increase as crude oil prices went up.

On Monday, the national average was $2.21 per gallon, with only four states seeing prices averaging less than $2 per gallon.

Top 10 least expensive average gas prices

  1.  Oklahoma: $1.96 per gallon

  2. Missouri: $1.97

  3. Arkansas: $1.98

  4. Texas: $1.99

  5. Mississippi: $2.02

  6. SouthCarolina: $2.03

  7. Kansas: $2.03

  8. Alabama: $2.04

  9. Colorado: $2.04

  10. Tennessee: $2.04 


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