With a jackpot of $400 million, Tuesday night's Powerball drawing is the fifth largest in history. This is the second time since July the jackpot has reached $400 million.

Jackpots this size impact Wisconsin lottery sales because bigger prizes attract more people to play.

The $150 million payout after taxes are taken out of the $400 million jackpot doesn’t stop people from dreaming big.

"Sales go up. The sales curve looks like a hockey stick. It's kind of flat around $200 million and when you get to $400 million it goes almost straight up," said Wisconsin Lottery Director Michael Edmonds.

Last week, about $3.5 million in Powerball tickets were sold in Wisconsin. This week, that number is expected to double to more than $7 million.

Edmonds said a $100 million jackpot doesn't generate the excitement it used to.

"You know $100 million used to excite people but that became fairly routine. Right now the Powerball jackpot starts at $40 million so it doesn't take long to get up to $100 million and people get desensitized to $100 million," said Edmonds.

Many people lined up to get tickets at the Mobile gas station in Verona.

"It’s just something. It's $400 million. We have to go buy a bunch of lottery tickets and I know my friends are like that too," said Amy Vesperman.

Powerball tickets account for about 20 percent of all lottery sales in the state. The odds of winning are about one in 175 million but that doesn't stop people like Dennis Fredrick from dreaming.

"Give a lot away I think. I'd set my family up a little better," said Fredrick.

If no one wins tonight the jackpot will swell to somewhere around $500 million and lottery officials estimate another $9 million in Powerball ticket sales between Wednesday night and Saturday.