Acts of kindness in the workplace

Small acts of kindness can go a long way to making the office a happier place

Meetings, conference calls and late nights in the office can lead to feelings of frustration and unkind words. A few simple acts of kindness can go a long way towards diffusing tensions and creating long-lasting friendships with the men and women you see every day.

Help a co-worker: If you know one of your co-workers has a huge work load or a major project to finish, offer to help. Offer to review and edit work they've already completed or offer to take some of the work off of their shoulders by running reports or finishing a presentation. The work will be finished faster and your co-worker will be grateful to have a little extra assistance.

Bring co-workers a special treat: Small surprises and tokens of appreciation throughout the year help people in the office feel valued all year long. Surprise co-workers with breakfast items, snacks or homemade treats.

Email a compliment: The next time you send an email to someone you work with, add a compliment. Acknowledging hard work, successes and other observations boost confidence and attitudes in the office.

Praise your co-workers: It's always kind to thank your co-workers when they do something nice or offer their support. You can really go the extra mile when you acknowledge something that doesn't necessarily impact you. Recognizing others for their achievements builds confidence and goodwill among all office mates.

Make your office or work space peaceful: By creating a peaceful and approachable office space you may just become the person others come to when they need to discuss a problem, share ideas or receive inspiration. Everyone needs a calm and inviting place to talk, including you!

There are many ways to spread kindness throughout the office. How do you show your co-workers kindness? Share your favorite ideas in our comments section and check out The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation for inspiration.

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