A sexual assault was reported at an unnamed University of Wisconsin-Madison fraternity house last weekend, police said.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Department said it received the report of a sexual assault that occurred last Saturday.

The assault is alleged to have occurred at a fraternity house on Langdon Street, and the victim may have been drugged, police said. The name of the fraternity was not reported.

The incident was reported to a campus security authority, not law enforcement, so there is no active police investigation at this time, according to a release.

"I'm sure this individual who reported this has reached out to their friend and told them that they reported it and the university can use that individual as a conduit to get that person and resources they might want," UWPD spokesman Marc Lovicott said.

Lovicott said campus officials will do their best to reach out to the individual to make sure they are OK.

A victim of sexual assault doesn't have to report the crime to police for it to be investigated. Students can file a report through the Dean of Students Office or Title IX Coordinator. There are a number of other supportive services available on campus as well.

“There's no right way to heal but we do know that emotional support systems, family support systems are very important,” said Carmen Juniper Neimeko, the manager of Violence Prevention and Victim Management at University Health Services.

Resources are available for anyone who has been sexually assaulted on the UHS and UWPD websites.