VERONA, Wis. -

Food prices typically go up, up, up.

“I think we've kind of been in this two or three percent growth period for the last couple of years,” Brandon Scholz, the CEO of Wisconsin Grocers Association said.

However, the industry is bucking that trend right now.

“We've gone through a couple of months of food deflation,” Scholz said.

This means more savings for shoppers, on staple items like poultry, eggs, corn and dairy.

“It's a couple of pennies here it's a percent here,” Scholz said.

Those pennies though, add up and are translating into some big losses for grocery stores.

“In a deflationary period grocers will not make as much money as they have in the past, and they don't make much to begin with you know,” Scholz said.

Farmers might be hurting even more.

“Over the last three years we've seen the steepest decline in farm income that we've seen since the great depression,” Casey Langan the spokesperson for the Wisconsin Farm Bureau, said.

Unfortunately, good crops, like the one we've seen this year, will only drive prices down further. Scholz said over supply, the low cost of gas, and more competition could all be to blame.

“It's really tough to find something and throw a dart at it and say you're the main cause of deflation,” Scholz said.

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau and Grocers Association don't see a real end in sight. So while shoppers reap the rewards they'll wait for some relief.