A tattoo shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was ordered by a small claims court to fork over $9,000 to an area woman after she said they misspelled her stomach tattoo.

The Toronto Sun reported that Maria Huckle visited Newcombe's Ink in 2010 and asked for a tattoo in Old English-style script on the side of her stomach in memory of a friend who had died.

However, Huckle claims that she didn't notice until she got home that the tattoo artist left out an "R" in the phrase "See You at the Crossroads," and instead it appeared as "See You at the Cossroads."

According to the newspaper, the ink shop's co-owner, Adam Spencer, offered to fix the tattoo and refunded the cost of the work, but Huckle preferred to have it completely removed.

The Sun reported that the tattoo shop did pay for eight laser tattoo removal sessions for Huckle, but that she wanted them to pay for 15 more, in order to completely remove the phrase from her belly.

"I accept that when working on a living canvas, such as someone's skin, the results may not be exactly as hoped for. However, a spelling mistake is clearly a breach of that duty of care," Eric Slone, the Dartmouth, N.S., adjudicator, wrote.

The judge ordered the shop to pay for the remaining laser removal sessions, aftercare supplies, Huckel's travel expenses to and from the laser removal clinic, general damages and court fees.

There was no word on the fate of Huckle's ink artist, or if she planned on re-honoring her late friend in a non-permanent way.

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