Eighth graders in the Wisconsin Dells school district will remain at the middle school despite concerns about overcrowding.

The Wisconsin Dells school board made that decision Monday after concerns about crowded classrooms led to a meeting with parents.

Last week, the school board decided to move eighth grade students to the high school due to unanticipated growth in the student population.

But the school board changed their mind Monday after discussing the alternatives.

"There are some short term solutions and the other thing is to have some long term solutions," said district administrator Terry Slack." Growth has been a bit of an issue."

However, parents felt left out of decision making process.

"Having our eight graders possibly be disrupted any more this year, it's already been off to kind of a bad start the last couple of weeks with all this news breaking," said eighth grade parent Sally Mcdowell.

Other options include renting space from a nearby Catholic school. But the school board decided to keep the 8th graders in the middle school and move some classes into the portable classrooms.

The district does not know yet which classes will move, but it will come from the k-8 population.