In the annals of human history, debate has long raged over what to do about foul-smelling colleagues: to tell, or not to tell? But fear not, a natural body care company is now offering an anonymous "Deodorgram" service to let that stinky someone know their pheromone party for one has not gone unnoticed.

Arizona-based G.B. Proudfoot's said for $9.99 one of its For Pits Sake! natural deodorants will be shipped -- with or without a message -- to the special person in your life.

According to the company, its 2.5 ounce aluminum-free deodorant sticks use a blend of natural antibacterial and odor absorbing ingredients that are sure to be the perfect "gift that keeps giving." For Pits Sake! is offered in four odor-blocking varieties: Citrus, Lime and Clove, Lavender and Unscented.

It still remains to be seen if a recipient of a Deodorgram will be grateful for the gift.