A severed power line at an east Madison home caused about $2,000 in damage early Wednesday, fire officials said.

The Madison Fire Department said firefighters were called to the 5100 block of Maher Avenue at 4:48 a.m. for a power line down.

According to the report, the power line was arcing as it rested against the 10-foot by 12-foot detached shed. Firefighters notified MG&E to shut off the electricity powering the line. Firefighters also told neighbors to stay inside and not touch any outside fences or structures.

Crews couldn't extinguish the smoldering because of the live current going through the metal on the shed.

The fire department said MG&E's services were in high demand in other parts of Madison; firefighters waited more than an hour for the power to be turned off but kept a close eye on the smoldering shed to ensure that the fire didn't spread.

As soon as MG&E cut off power to the line, firefighters wet down the shed and overhauled it to stop to the smoldering. Crews helped the homeowner remove belongings from the shed.