News of the vice president pick spread quickly in Paul Ryan’s hometown.

The current congressman has been a long-time church-goer, and regardless of their political views, his congregation is generally impressed and proud to have someone from their church up for such a high post.

As the bells struck five o’clock, crowds shuffled in to Saturday night mass at Saint John Vianney Roman Catholic Church in Janesville.

But Saturday's congregation was down at least one person in the pews: Republican vice president candidate Paul Ryan.

Jeanne Vogt worked on Ryan’s first campaign and also attends his church.

Vogt said in disbelief, "Did we ever think we'd know anybody that was going to be on the presidential ticket?"

After working beside him on the campaign trail, Vogt said she’s proud to know Ryan and always thought he was going places.

"You just knew he was a smart guy, unassuming, knew what he was about and destined for bigger and better things."

Congregation member Dave Brusky agreed, "I think Janesville would consider it an honor that your vice presidential candidate comes from your hometown."

Saint John Vianney member Pat Graham has known Ryan since he was seven years old. Her children used to play with him when they were all kids, so she has watched him grow up in and out of the church.

Graham did offer up some concern for the campaign and what kind of pressure the politics of the race could put on Ryan.

"I feel kind of sorry for him," Graham explained, "because it's going to be rough."

One couple rushing into mass Saturday evening said they were on a road trip from Canada and made a pit stop specifically to experience Ryan’s church.

The congregation and everyone living in Janesville are watching their small town come to the political forefront. While a number of people don’t like talking politics or religion, many agree that it’s exciting to see one of their own run for second in command.

Congregation member Diana Denman said, "I just think it's great that we have an honest politician running for us, and I think he'll do great."