Madison's police chief said one of his officers acted reasonably when he shot and killed a man who tried to grab his gun in a scuffle.

Chief Noble Wray told reporters Wednesday that Officer Stephen Heimsness will return to patrol duty after an internal investigation exonerated him. Wray said the investigation determined that Heimsness acted in compliance with police department policies and training.

Investigators said 30-year-old Paul Heenan was drunk when he entered the home of a neighbor, Kevin O'Malley, early on Nov. 9. O'Malley went downstairs to investigate while his wife, Megan O'Malley, called 911 to report a break-in.

O'Malley was escorting Heenan back to Heenan's home. Heimsness arrived to find Heenan and the neighbor in a scuffle, pulled his gun and ordered them down.

Wray said Heenan disobeyed and grabbed at the officer's gun. He said the officer believed he was in imminent danger of being disarmed, so he opened fire.

WISC-TV has obtained an audio recording of a phone call between a Dane County 911 dispatcher and Megan O'Malley. In the call, the three shots fired by Heimsness at Heenan can be heard as the dispatcher talks to Megan O'Malley.