Police: Kids trash house, ride mattress down stairs

Juveniles from 9 to 13 cause ‘considerable damage,’ police say

Published On: Oct 30 2012 01:17:11 PM CDT
Police lights file

Six juveniles were arrested after allegedly causing miscellaneous damage inside a woman’s home on Sonora Court Friday about noon. The owner was away from the home at the time, police reported.

Considerable damage was done to the 50-year-old victim’s property. The damage includes spray paint on the walls and doors; food thrown about the hallways and kitchen; and hanging pictures tossed. A mattress was also used to slide down the stairway and jewelry and candy were stolen.

Police said the children were aged 9 to 13, and included one girl and five boys. The kids were arrested and released to their parents the same day, police said.

Three of the accused boys are from Verona, the other two boys and the girl are listed from Madison. The names of arrested juveniles are generally not released.