Nate ran down the stairs, only to spot something he would never expect so close to his front porch.

"I saw something that, I looked like, you know, off the corner of the roof that looked like a body," Nate explained.

It was not until police commotion calmed down that he and Amelia realized it was Heenan’s dead body on the sidewalk.

"Never in my mind would I, could I possibly imagine that they would for any reason do that to him," Amelia said.

Now, for the Royko Maurers, it is a lot of frustration of the unknown. Amelia listed a number of unanswered questions about the investigation, wondering if the officers had tasers, if they gave any threatening people a warning, if they were in enough danger to pull the trigger.

Madison Police would not provide any additional information or go in front of  television cameras about the case, despite requests and questions asked over the weekend.

Police reported Friday that they responded to a call for a burglary in progress in the 500 block of South Baldwin Street. An officer saw two men struggling outside of a home. One of those men – presumably Heenan – reportedly "engaged in a physical confrontation with the officer," during which he was shot and killed.

Sources close to Heenan say it was a misunderstanding. They say Heenan wandered into a residence two doors down from his own house accidentally. As a woman upstairs was calling police, her husband went downstairs and recognized Heenan.  According to accounts from friends and family, police pulled up as the neighbor was helping Heenan get back to his home.

Amelia still maintains that this was no burglary or intentional break-in and wants to see this case looked at very carefully.

"It was a mistake, and he was not a violent person, he hates guns, he's kind, he's gentle, he mirrors what this neighborhood is about," Amelia said.