Mini horse rings bell for Salvation Army

Tinker brings in 10 times more than regular bell ringer

Published On: Nov 30 2012 12:08:34 PM CST
Salvation Army

Tinker may be miniature -- as in a miniature horse -- but he's a big money raiser for the Salvation Army.

He uses his mouth to hold and ring a red bell and also picks up a "Thank You Merry Christmas" sign. He can also bow and give kisses.

Crowds usually gather to watch the 13-year-old horse and take photos, pet him and, of course, put some money in the red kettle.

Major Roger Ross, a Salvation Army commander, said Tinker brings in 10 times the amount of a regular bell ringer in the area.

One of Tinker's owners, Carol Takacs, said his name was Tinker when they got him. She said they couldn't have named him better if they tried.