Russian multimillionaire Pavel Durov said he was just having fun when he decided to toss paper airplanes filled with money out of his office window onto a crowd of pedestrians in St. Petersburg.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, the 27-year-old founder and CEO of Vkontakte, Russia's most popular social networking site, slid 5,000-rouble notes -- about $155 -- inside the paper planes.

The newspaper reported that Durov and his colleagues threw about 10 airplanes -- filled with about $2,000 -- out to revelers celebrating the city's 309th birthday, which then started a small riot as the crowds brawled for the cash.

Durov made light of the fracas that ensued on his Twitter account saying, "My colleagues and I decided to support the holiday atmosphere with a little event, but we had to stop quickly -- people started to behave like animals."

According to, Russian bloggers took the web with images and video of the event. Some called Durov’s actions crazy, provocative and disgusting. 

"People turned into dogs as they were literally attacking the notes," a witnesses wrote. "They broke each other's noses, climbed the traffic lights with their prey -- just like monkeys. Shame on Durov!"