MEQUON, Wis. -

They are perhaps the most famous NFL football parents in the country.

Jack and Jackie Harbaugh were in New Orleans Sunday night, watching their son John's Baltimore Ravens beat their son Jim's San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.

When not in the Big Easy, the Harbaughs can often be found just outside of Milwaukee, at their home in Mequon.

At their unassuming house on a quiet street, the Harbaugh's yard is surprisingly void of football flags.

The house was not surprisingly empty this weekend, as the owners had gone south to cheer on their sons.

David and Luan Delahunt live across the street from the Harbaughs.

"It's a thrill to have this celebrity in our backyard, in our neighborhood," said the Delahunts. "It's great fun. What are the chances of that? Slim to none."

The Delahunts remember their famous neighbors moving in and say they often see Jack Harbaugh out walking, usually clad in either 49ers or Ravens gear.

Other than that, they say that the couple usually keep to themselves.

"They are indeed quite private," said the Delahunts. "Very friendly, very personable when we have the opportunity to speak with them, but very private."

Meanwhile, a former owner of the local Libby Montana Bar & Grill said it's fun having the local connection to the game, but a Ravens/49ers matchup wasn't exactly the one he ordered.

"It's great for this area, it's bringing all of this attention to it," said Mark Metcalf. "It may be the next best thing, but it's way down the line, because having the Packers in the game is everything."

Metcalf says he knows better than to pledge his allegiance solely with either brother.

"People asked me who I'm for in this game, and I say I'm for the Harbaughs," said Metcalf.

Even with two former big ten punters in the family, the Delahunts know there's just no comparison.

"Having experienced two grandsons playing in a major football league at the same time was a thrill, but we cannot relate to what it must be like to be the parents of two head coaches in the Super Bowl," said the Delahunts.

The Delahunts said they would be keeping watch over their neighbors' house while they are out to make sure anyone unhappy with the game's outcome didn't make an unwelcome visit.