If you love bacon, and are willing to trade gas, food and lodging for it, then Josh Sankey's cross-country trip bartering bricks of Oscar Meyer's Butcher Thick Cut Bacon may just be your dream come true.

Sankey wrote on his website BaconBarter.com that he is driving from New York to Los Angeles with no cash on hand and no credit cards, and is using a refrigerated trailer full of 3,000 pounds of bacon provided by Oscar Meyer to barter for everything he'll need to make the trip.

According to Sankey, "It's all to find out if America loves this bacon as much as money!"

The bartering spree -- which is sponsored by Oscar Meyer -- does have some minimum bacon exchange rates. For instance, offering a place for Sankey to sleep will get you about 15 bricks, while Civil War memorabilia may only get you three bricks of bacon.

Sankey is using his website, Facebook and Twitter to solicit bartering ideas as he drives through 12 states to meet the challenge. As of Thursday he's made it to Louisville, Ky., and has traded numerous bricks for items and services such as a fortune teller reading, a first aid kit and sunglasses. One of his hosts even got a bacon tattoo in exchange for a fridge full of smoked pork belly.

A camera crew is traveling with Sankey chronicling his adventure as he spreads the joy of bacon from coast to coast until he is scheduled to reach his final destination of Los Angeles on Sept. 23.