Petland is donating money to the Janesville Police Department's K-9 unit after officers were able to find and return a black pug puppy that was stolen.

Officers were looking for suspects after surveillance video showed a man putting the pug under his shirt and walking out of Petland Saturday.

“We received many Crime Stopper tips indicating who we suspected had taken the dog, along with a vehicle description,” Chief David Moore said.

Officer Scott Katzenmeyer was on patrol Monday when he saw the suspect’s car.

“I ended up stopping the car,” he said. “The male suspect was driving. He denied knowing anything about the puppy, but I saw it moving around in clothing on the passenger side floor. The puppy had jumped up and started barking at me.”

Katzenmeyer arrested the suspect, Thomas Haye, as well as his girlfriend, Allison Prijic. The officer then returned the puppy to the store.

“Petland was very excited to get their dog back,” Katzenmeyer said. “They were not very confident that they would get it back, and when we came through the door with it, they were very glad.”

A couple adopted the puppy on Tuesday, and Petland decided to donate the money from the adoption to the police department’s K-9 unit.

“We were very pleased to hear that,” Moore said. “A K-9 program is quite expensive, so these funds will allow us to provide the proper backing for our K-9 program.”

The money, which was about $2,700, will help the department buy a new police dog as well as two new SUVs for the K-9 unit.