A golfer in Murfreesboro, Tenn., may not want to brag about his most recent hole-in-one feat after his errant shot wound up flying into the mouth of passing motorcyclist and knocking out some of her teeth.

The Murfreesboro Police Department said the man was teeing off on the 14th hole at Murfreesboro’s Indian Hills Golf Course when he hooked his shot, watched it disappear into the distance and then heard screams, the Tennessean reported.

According to the publication, a woman told police that she and her husband were riding their motorcycles when he saw the ball bounce across the road and fly toward her face. After being struck, she said she was able to slow the motorcycle down without crashing, but the ball knocked out "several" teeth.

The woman was taken to Middle Tennessee Medical Center for treatment.

The newspaper said officers searched the area of impact for the offending golf ball, but there were too many stray balls in the area to nail down the culprit.

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