Heimsness is not back on patrol yet, but he is cleared to return to the force.

Heenan wouldn't say how he feels about Heimsness being back on duty. He only said that it is the Madison Police Department's decision to put him there.

Wray said he has heard many suggestions, including putting together a citizen review board, assembling a team made up of law enforcement from different agencies assigned to officer-involved shootings and handing off a case at a certain point in the investigation. The chief said he's willing to look at those ideas.

After the community called for an independent investigation, Madison's city attorney said there are in fact a number of agencies reviewing the police department for officer-involved shootings.

City Attorney Michael May noted that the Dane County District Attorney's Office, the Department of Criminal Investigation and the Dane County Sheriff's Department all looked at the case.

May said a review panel could be appropriate but only to make punishment recommendations.