A grandfather was conned out of $9,000 last week after being scammed into thinking his grandson had been arrested by Madison police, according to a release.

The 72-year-old got a call from someone he thought was his grandson who said he was calling because his parents would flip out, police said.

Someone claiming to be Sgt. Richard Daley came on the line and told the 72-year-old his grandson had been arrested after a car crash because heroin was found in the car, according to the release. The caller also told the 72-year-old the grandson passed a lie detector test and police believed he was innocent, but to get out of jail they needed someone to pay 10 percent of the $90,000 bail.

The 72-year-old was also told there was a gag order on the bail money, so he couldn’t talk about it with anyone, police said.

The grandfather followed the caller’s instructions and took $9,000 out of his credit union account, put the money in a manila envelope, went to a UPS store and mailed the money to an address in Brooklyn, New York, according to the release.

After mailing the money, the man’s actual grandson called, which is when he realized he had been scammed, police said.