The Upsides: I really liked the device?s design, it's solid and large but not bulky. The speakerphone on it is great. The headset audio was a bit muddled. The click screen is a tremendous step ahead of other touch screen phones. The camera, while a bit slow, did a great job with pictures especially because of its built in flash.

The Downsides: I found emailing on it to be slower than a standard BlackBerry with buttons and you'll notice it's a bit sluggish when it comes to selecting applications or when rotating it. If you bought it right away that was probably your biggest gripe about the phone. BlackBerry has released new software though which makes a huge difference.

The Bottom Line: Overall this phone is great for someone who likes technology, new features and wants an overall multimedia experience with their phone, and of course, wants access to e-mail the moment it's received.