Prince Charles may carry many titles, but he can now officially brag that his name will live on indefinitely in the realm of amphibians.

Amphibian Ark, a global organization that works to save endangered species, honored the Prince of Wales Thursday for his efforts to protect rainforests around the world by naming a rare Ecuadorian tree frog after him.

The event took place at his Highgrove House and included the presentation of a commemorative medallion from the Royal Mint.

"I'm very touched. It's very nice. I have a lump in my throat. It must be a frog," the prince said at the event.

According the group, Hyloscirtus Princecharlesi, or the Prince Charles Stream Tree Frog, was discovered as new to science by Ecuadorian scientist Luis A. Coloma in 2008 among preserved museum specimens. Coloma immediately recognized the specimens as unique.

The brown-colored amphibian with large orange blotches was originally found living in the Cotacachi-Cayapas National Park in Ecuador.

Prince Charles frog