Authorities in Sherwood, Ark., said a bull running loose through area yards proved that it was more of a lover than a fighter when efforts to corral it led to the animal trying to mount its handler against a deputy's patrol car.

The Faulkner County Sheriff's Office said the deputy was dispatched to an area home when someone reported seeing the man trying to catch the bull and then leading it down a roadway, the Log Cabin Democrat reported.

According to the newspaper, as the patrol car approached the animal, it reared up and pinned its handler against the vehicle in an effort to "mate with him."

Sheriff's Office officials said that after a short time, the bull lost interest in the target of its affection and instead followed a truck passing down the road.

The deputy reported that the patrol car sustained minor damage during the incident and that the bull's handler said he was not injured. The deputy said the man left the scene before his information could be collected for a report.

The bull was later caught by two local men and kept in an area pasture until its owner could be located.

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