Farmers Hit Hard By Gas Prices' Rise

Some Farmers Change Planting Methods

Published On: May 09 2001 07:40:35 AM CDT   Updated On: May 09 2001 08:27:14 AM CDT
Gas pump

<CENTER><H5>Hitting the road? Try Using Our <a xlink:href="#" onclick="'/sh/idi/news/gascalc/','gascalc','toolbar=no,status=no,location=no,menubar=no,top=50,left=50,height=460,width=480,scrollbars=no'); return false;">Gas Price Calculator</a></H5></CENTER><b>MARSHALL, Wis., 7:50 p.m. CDT May 8, 2001</b> -- <a xlink:href="">University of Wisconsin-Madison</a> agriculture specialists told News 3 that skyrocketing gas prices will increase farmers' growing costs by $25 to $50 an acre.<p /><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="150" ALT="farm vehicle" BORDER="0" ALIGN="LEFT" HSPACE="10" VSPACE="5" />In an effort to keep tractors out of the field, some are abandoning tilling and opting to stick seeds directly into last fall's stubble.<p />In addition, many farmers plan to put down less fertilizer as pump prices grow.<p /><table align="right"><tr><td><ibs_content validity="1" id="581415"><!-- Pubdate: 11/17/2011 16:41:06 CST --> <ibs_sidebar id="581415" poolid="281"><universal_properties active="true"><headline>Gas prices 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/></relationships></universal_properties><ibs_related><ibs_sidebar type="plain"> <div align="center" class="Header"> <b>GAS PRICES</b> </div> <ul class="Links"> <li class="story"> <b>Rundown: </b> <a xlink:href="/automotive/28335014/detail.html">What Is The SPR?</a> </li> <li class="hotline"> <b>Calculators: </b> <a HREF="/gas-prices/">Gas Prices</a> </li> <li class="hotline"> <b>Interactive: </b> <a HREF="/news/27587528/detail.html">History Of Gas Prices</a> </li> <li class="slideshow"> <b>Slideshow: </b> <ibs_link display_method="ss" id="27123693" image_width="400" path="/automotive/" popup_height="640" popup_width="750" type="slideshow">Cars With Best Gas Mileage</ibs_link> </li> <li class="story"> <b>Story: </b> <a xlink:href="/automotive/25818296/detail.html">5 Simple Tips To Save</a> </li> <li class="story"> <b>Survey: </b> <a xlink:href="/automotive/18849972/detail.html">Cut Back On Gas?</a> </li> <li class="story"> <b>Survey: </b> <a xlink:href="/automotive/18758659/detail.html">Gas Tax Or Miles Driven?</a> </li> </ul></ibs_sidebar></ibs_related></ibs_sidebar></ibs_content></td></tr></table>"Farmers can't say 'I need a higher price for my corn because the fuel costs went up,'" UW agriculture specialist Robert Cropp said. "That doesn't work."<p />Several farmers told News 3 that the only good thing that could come from the high costs could be a public outcry for more ethanol, which could drive up corn prices because more kernels would find their way into gas tanks.<p /><b>Gas Prices May Hurt Volunteer Driving Services</b><p />As gas prices rise, so do concerns over programs that rely on volunteer drivers.<p />News 3 was on the road Tuesday with people who deliver meals to the elderly.<p />Prices haven't gotten high enough to force volunteers to quit meal delivery programs, but RSVP, the retired senior volunteer program which provides the drivers, hopes higher gas prices won't drain the tank of volunteers, News 3 reports.<p />Bob Crahen and other RSVP drivers delivered over 56,000 meals to the elderly last year and put lots of miles on their own cars.<p />Crahen said that he racks up about 28 or 29 miles in one day of driving.<p />"When you go out this many miles every day every time you go, it's quite a few and it's costly," Crahen said.<p />Driver coordinator Gene Kundert told News 3 that he's nervous about the forecast for even higher pump prices.<p />"I heard talk that it might get up to $3 a gallon, and if it does that, it could really hurt the program," Kundert said.<p />RSVP drivers were reimbursed $77,000 last year. Volunteers drove more than 286,000 miles during the year.<p /><ibs_related><b>Additional Resources:</b><br /><ul><li>RSVP could use a bank of volunteers in case high gas prices force some of the drivers to quit. They not only deliver meals, but drive people to medical appointments and errands. Call (608) 238-7787 for more information.</li></ul></ibs_related><p /><b>Traffic Jumping For Local Cheap Gas Prices Web Site</b><p />Last summer during high gas prices, Madison resident Jarred Johnson launched Fuel<p />The site, which is still going strong, lets you enter your zip code and search for the best gas prices in the greater Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago areas. (<A HREF="/cyberlink/stories/cyberlink-74046120010425-150432.html">Read The Full Story</A> )<p /><ibs_related type="links"><B>Previous Stories:</B><ul><li>May 9, 2001: <a xlink:href="">">1,300 State Vehicles Use Alternative Fuels</a></li><li>May 8, 2001: <a xlink:href="">Gas Prices May Hurt Volunteer Driving Services</a></li><li>May 4, 2001: <A HREF="/news/stories/news-75490320010504-100532.html">Gas Prices Affecting City Services</A></li><li>May 2, 2001: <A HREF="/news/stories/news-75161920010502-150524.html">Hybrid Cars' Popularity May Rise With Gas Prices</A></li></ul></ibs_related>