Until then, he's doing what he can and created a Facebook page called Protected Travels a month ago that nearly 5,000 people are following.

"Part of the reason why I started Protected Travels is to be a place to better educate people and also encouraging people to travel," Von Seth said.

"Myself, I would never go. Even if I was young, I would never go after this," said Jacobs, who waits for answers with the rest of Bowerman's loved ones.

On its Facebook page, Protected Travels said it's a community for sharing travel tips, stories and supporting the safety of all travelers.

Bowerman's family said Vietnam's U.S. Consulate hasn't shared any other information with them except for Bowerman's autopsy. A spokeswoman at the consulate said she's prohibited from speaking publicly about the case. Several senators have written letters to the secretary of state demanding answers.

To get her remains back to the U.S., Bowerman's family had her cremated. While that eliminates any chance of another autopsy, it cost $2,500 versus $14,000 to ship her body back.