Two teens were arrested after a video of a street fight on the south side was posted to Facebook, according to the Madison Police Department.

Police said the video shows a two-and-a-half-minute fight involving multiple young men fighting one-on-one in the middle of Baird Street on Nov. 19.

Police said one of the boys fighting, a 13-year-old, had his head slammed onto the pavement several times. He later told police that he may have momentarily lost consciousness.

Police were made aware of the video last Wednesday, two days after the incident. The fight was not reported at the time it was happening although police said it appears some adults witnessed the violence.

Police said it is not clear whether the fighting was gang-related; however, several questioned said there was an ongoing conflict between some of the boys involved in the fight.

"The violence amongst our young people in the community is getting worse. It's increasing. It's becoming more intense. So those are things that kind of concern us," said Lester Moore, of the Madison Police Department's gang unit.

Madison police arrested a 14-year old Madison boy on Wednesday on suspicion of two counts of battery and disorderly conduct. A 13-year old Madison boy was taken into custody Monday afternoon on suspicion of battery and disorderly conduct.

According to the report, there were no serious injuries.

Madison police said that monitoring social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become a regular part of keeping tabs on gang violence in the community.

Moore said many physical fights that happen often start with trash-talking online.