Asked if he thought Philbin as a high-schooler would someday be a head coach, Sherman laughed and replied, ?At that time, I didn?t think either one of us would be.

?But after working with him and seeing what he?s done in Green Bay and influence he has, (the Dolphins) want a piece of the Packers, and he?s a big part of that. I think it?s great for them. They got a great man, there?s no question about that. And a great coach.

?My first college job was at Tulane, and I brought him as a graduate assistant. As a graduate assistant, we gave him a full-time position coaching tight ends. He?s just an attention-to-detail guy, cares about people, develops relationships with people. He?s extremely, extremely intelligent.

?I can say this having had him as student as a coach: He?s a very smart guy, adapts very fast to what?s going on, and I think people have so much respect for him not only because of his intellect and knowledge but he?s such a great person, too. Those were things I noticed early in his career that have held true throughout his time in the coaching profession.

?He has a great grasp of football but even more than that, as a head coach, you have to have great grasp of people ? what buttons to push. He?ll set up a system and structure that will breed success. I just have tremendous confidence in his ability to get in there and get done what needs to get done. One thing you have to do, you lay out your structure right away, and you have to stay true to your principles. And he will do that. He won?t be swayed no matter what situation he?s placed in.?