Complaint: Man accused of strangling wife tried to kill himself

Man charged with first-degree intentional homicide

Published On: Dec 17 2012 05:12:44 PM CST
Krystofer R.R. Carlisle

A man charged in the death of his estranged wife tried to kill himself, according to the criminal complaint.

Krystofer R. R. Carlisle, 54, is due in court Thursday on a charge of first-degree intentional homicide.

He is accused of strangling Traci Moyer, 46, who was found dead in a house at 315 West Racine St. in Janesville on Dec. 8.

Moyer had recently filed for a divorce from Carlisle, according to police.

The complaint said police found Moyer's body in a bed and her estranged husband lying beside her, barely breathing. Carlisle was transported to a hospital.

Police said they found a white braided rope tied into a noose in a rear pocket of the jeans Carlisle was wearing, according to the complaint.

When Carlisle became conscious at the hospital, he told police that he "took a bunch of pills so he could go to sleep and not wake up," according to the complaint.