Facing a potential shortage of foreign strippers, a Canadian strip club is offering college students $1,700 to put toward tuition at nearby schools in exchange for dancing.

The Leopard’s Lounge and Broil in Windsor, Ontario, which is just across the U.S. border from Detroit, is also offering eligible students a $500 signing bonus, help with their makeup and stage show and other perks, club owner Robert Katzman told the Toronto Sun. But the dancers have to be serious students -- they’re required to maintain a B-plus grade point average.

Clubs are worried about a dancer shortage after Canada decided to stop offering so-called stripper visas. Up to 800 foreign dancers work in Canada, but Canadian authorities decided to stop giving visas to strippers to cut down on the risk of workers being abused or exploited, according to the Sun. Many dancers are from Eastern Europe or South America, though Katzman told the Sun he has plenty of American dancers who cross the border to get to work.

A lawyer representing the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada is planning to challenge the law to let the dancers keep working. But in the meantime, the clubs are coming up with plan B -- like offering students tuition money to strip.

“The girls can take any class they want to help better themselves,” Katzman told the Sun.