A new luxury hotel offers chickens fresh food and a safe place to spend the night while their owners are away.

Much like people do with their dogs or cats, chicken-owners now have the option of boarding their fowl overnight when they can't be with them.

Bill Bezuk, owner of The Nest chicken hotel in Eugene, Ore., says he used to offer a chicken sitting service, but then came up with the idea of a place where chickens could stay overnight.

Bezuk offers a basic service – fresh food, water and a safe place to sleep – as well as a "deluxe" service – organic food, fresh vegetable scraps and turndown service.

According to MSNBC, The Nest is the latest development in what has been an increase in urban livestock ownership.

Bezuk believes that he has the first chicken-boarding business in the U.S. – there are a handful in the U.K., where chicken ownership has also ballooned in the last five years, a response to the growth of the organic and local foods movements.