A bridesmaid and the groom’s father took punches to the face at a wedding celebration when a fight started with a man who had a disagreement with the groom, according to a news release from Madison police.

Officers were called at 8:13 p.m. Saturday to Madison Turners at 3001 S. Stoughton Road.

Police said Jordan D. Killerlain, 20, of Madison, was kicked out of the party after a disagreement with the groom. Instead of going quietly, he continued to be argumentative during his departure and punches were thrown, police said.

The bridesmaid who was struck was a 36-year-old woman from North Carolina. The father of the groom is a 61-year-old man from Albany.

Another man also reported being battered, and the bride's stepmother said Killerlain took a swing at her, but she stepped back and received only a glancing blow to the arm.

Killerlain was arrested on suspicion of battery and disorderly conduct.

There were no serious injuries.