SILVER: Ruffin ‘It Resort

BRONZE: Waggin’ Tails Doggie Dude Ranch and Pet Lodge | They start their dog days early. From 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. the door at Waggin’ Tails constantly opens to canines pulling their owners along, eager to reunite with their daycare friends and frolic in the hose. The mood is rambunctious and very close knit. “This businesses is kind of like being a bartender,” says Julie Bollenbach, the day care manager at Waggin’ Tails. “Over fifty percent of our clients come two to three times a week. We know everybody.”  

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>>Local Celebrity

The Leader
He’s cool, funny, approachable and a winner. Not even an over-analyzed player transfer kerfuffle can dim Bo Ryan’s star in the local celeb pantheon. He’s one of the best basketball coaches in the country but as down-home as they come. Just the way we like our celebrities in Madison.

The Lawmaker
Yes, it says something that two of our top three celebrities are politicians. But serious, respectful and classy Rep. Tammy Baldwin has never treated politics like the game show it’s become, nor has she acted like a celebrity. Which is exactly why she’s one of the biggest, right?

The Lightning Rod
Heck, yes, a local celebrity can be right-wing rockstar. Gov. Scott Walker has attracted more national attention to Wisconsin than cheese. The question remains: Is he a one-hit wonder or on the verge of a Hall of Fame career?
For now, he’s a Best of Madison celeb. 

>>Morning Radio Team
GOLD: Connie & Curtis, WZEE-Z104

SILVER: Jonathan& Kitty, 105.5 Triple M

BRONZE: Pat O’Neill & Bob Bonner, Magic 98

Radio Personality
GOLD: Sly in the Morning, WTDY 106.7 FM & 1670 AM

SILVER: Vicki McKenna, 1310 WIBA AM

BRONZE: Fish, 93.1 Jamz

TV Personality
GOLD: Charlie Shortino, NBC 15

SILVER: Leigh Mills, NBC 15

SILVER: Rob Starbuck, WISC-TV3

BRONZE: Carleen Wild, NBC 15

TV Team Evening Anchors
GOLD: Sarah Carlson, Eric Franke, Jay Wilson, Gary Cannalte, WISC-TV3 (Pictured above)

SILVER: Leigh Mills, John Stofflet, David George, Robb Vogel, NBC-15

BRONZE: Greg Jeschke, Amber Noggle, Bob Lindmeier, Jake Zimmerman, WKOW 27

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