Two western Wisconsin communities are disputing who gets bragging rights to the biggest bratwurst.

The conflict started after last week's news accounts of Prescott's world-record-setting bratwurst, which was 52 feet, 2 inches.

A local grocery store grilled it for its centennial and then put it in an equally as long bun.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports some folks in Dallas, Wis., heard about it and got steamed. They've grilled big bratwursts the last four years for Oktoberfest, and this year's big brat was 135 feet long.

But Dallas didn't get the official record because it didn't use a bun and didn't pay the $1,900 fee to the World Record Academy in Florida.

Dallas-based Valkyrie Brewing Co. notes on its website that all the brats it has grilled since 2009 are longer than Prescott's.