?Obviously you have so much failure in baseball. You have to realize that you have to focus on one thing at a time,? Wilson explained. ?When you?re playing second base or you?re hitting at the plate or whatever, you?re one pitch at a time, one play at a time, and it?s the exact same thing playing the quarterback position. You have to have amnesia, and that?s something I?m really good at, no matter how good I?m doing or how bad I?m doing. I have to focus on one play and put my team in the best situation possible and I try to show tremendous poise on the football field and on the sideline to my teammates so they feed off my leadership, and I think that?s a positive.?

Much was made of Wilson?s transfer to Wisconsin ? critics repeatedly called him a one-year rental player, or worse ? but having completed his undergraduate work (he has a degree in communication and broadcasting) he was able to play immediately and attend school as a graduate student, studying higher education. There was limited crossover between the Wolfpack?s West Coast scheme and the Badgers? play-action vertical passing game,

Now, he?s hoping to do his post-graduate work in the NFL.

?Hopefully I won?t be done for another 15 years or so. Hopefully I?ll be a Pro Bowler. Who knows? Hopefully a Super Bowl winner,? Wilson replied when asked if he wanted to go into broadcasting or teaching after football. ?But after I?m done playing, I?d love to be a head coach or GM.?

And as Schneider has shown, there is no height requirement for that.