71-year-old Madison woman earns her G.E.D

71-year-old Madison woman earns her...

A 71-year-old woman is marking a major milestone in her life this spring by earning her G.E.D at Madison College.

Aureola Deloney got pregnant at age 16 and went on to become a mother of six, raising her kids on her own. In the meantime, high school fell to the wayside.

"[I was always] blaming myself for not doing it," Deloney said.

After her kids left the house, Deloney re-focused on that old goal.

"I thought I owed it to myself to get my G.E.D.," she said. "So that's what I did. That's exactly what I did."

After seven years of schooling, Deloney will graduate from Madison College next weekend.

"The teachers were amazing," she said. "They encouraged me. When I wanted to give up and walk away, when I didn't believe in myself, they believed in me."

After graduation, Deloney will consider going to culinary school to become a chef.


"I said to other people, if I can do it - I'm sure you can do it," she said.

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