A 3-year-old New Jersey boy has a golf swing some pros would envy.

And he's only got one arm.

Tommy Morrissey's parents told Golf Digest his interest in the sport started at a very early age. He started watching golf on TV at just 13 months old, and began mimicking the players by 18 months.

These days, Tommy can hit the ball more than 100 yards. And it's straight on nearly every time.

"They look at him and see how small he is and they say, 'Awesome, the little guy can hit a golf ball,'" Tommy's father, Joe, told Philadelphia TV station WTXF. "And then they look and they see that he's doing it with one hand and they say, 'That's incredible.' And then after they watch him, after they learn, he's just a little boy, just killing it, they walk away and say, 'he's an inspiration.'"

Watch video of Tommy below or by tapping here: