Police said a teen was arrested Friday after he pulled a gun at an west side Madison roller skating rink. 

Madison police said the manager of the Fast Forward Skate Center on Verona Road kicked out the 13-year-old for breaking rink rules. 

The report said the teen was hanging out in a designated roller skating area without skates. After he was told to leave, the teen "got mouthy" with the manager and continued to loiter outside the building. 

The 29-year-old manager told police he went outside to tell the teen to leave when the teen pulled the gun and threatened the manager. The manager went back into the rink. 

Police said the gun, which turned out to be a BB gun resembling a handgun, was found outside a nearby restaurant. The 13-year-old was arrested inside the restaurant and tentatively charged with disorderly conduct while armed.

The teen told police he wanted to scare the Fast Forward manager.