The Cat That Ate Paris -- Peter Weir

IMAX: Hidden Dimensions (Check out the featurette)

Scenes From A Marriage -- TV and theatrical version, Ingmar Bergman

As seen on "News 3 at Noon" Dec. 3.

A Day Without A Mexican - Comedy, Latino Mocumentary

Zatoichi - Japanese, subtitles

Fanny And Alexander -- Swedish, theatrical and TV copies

A Home At The End of the World -- Colin Farrell, Sissy Spacek, and Robin Wright Penn

The Iron Giant -- annimated, voice of Vin Disel, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt

As seen on "News 3 At Noon" Nov. 6.

Nol - Icelandic film, subtitles, drama

To Be And To Have - documentary about a French school teacher

Control Room - about Aljezeer, Islamic TV station

Proof - recently released on DVD with Russell Crow, drama

Jesus of Montreal - French Canadian film

The Mother - drama, about a woman whose husband dies, so she takes up with the gardener

As seen on "News 3 At Noon" Oct. 1.

Supersize Me

Angel In America

The Trojan War -- Circa 1974 with Katherine Hepburn

I Vitelloni -- Fellini, Italian film

The Harold Lloyd Collection -- silent film

As seen on "News 3 At Noon" Sept. 3.

Bon Voyage -- French film, starring Isabelle Adjani and Gerard Depardieu

Life and Debt -- Jamaican Documentary