'Hoodie Rally' Held On State Capitol Steps

Gathering Protests Wisconsin's Castle Doctrine

Published On: Apr 08 2012 02:30:18 AM CDT   Updated On: Apr 08 2012 09:48:55 AM CDT

More than 100 people filled the steps of the Wisconsin state Capitol building on Saturday to help keep the name of the slain teenager Trayvon Martin on people's minds.

The so-called "hoodie rally" honored Martin, as well as Bo Morrison, a 20-year-old shot in Slinger, Wis., in March.

Both were shot by people claiming self-defense.

In Wisconsin, the so-called "Castle Doctrine" says homeowners can use deadly force if they feel threatened by an invader.

Morrison's sister Kayla was at Saturday's rally. She said she wants to see the Castle Doctrine law repealed.

"If we don't stand for something, we will fall for anything," said Kayla Morrison. "I completely appreciate all the support we're getting and I just want to encourage people to stand up for what they believe in. We are the voice of Trayvon and Bo and unless we stand up, nothing's going to happen."

Morrison added that she is working on getting the tape of the 911 call from the night her brother died released.

She claims the call was edited and wants it released in its entirety to the public.

Meanwhile, dozens of students are in the midst of a three-day march in honor of Martin.

The marchers are walking 40 miles from Daytona to Sanford, Fla., to protest how the investigation of Martin's shooting is being handled.

The special prosecutor assigned to the case has not decided if the man who shot Martin will be charged in the teen's death.