Most don't need it, and many of us probably couldn't afford it, but the "Popinator" may just be the most brilliant or useless snack delivery invention since cavemen shaped the spoon.

Popcorn Indiana's latest invention is the world’s first fully automated, voice-activated popcorn shooter triggered by saying the word "pop."

According to the company, the Popinator Project aims to change the popcorn eating experience by making it more fun. The idea behind the Popinator is to instantly deliver popcorn into a person's mouth just by saying the magic word.

The Popinator is able to pinpoint where in the room the spoken word originated from and then shoot a piece of popcorn at it. The machine shoots up to 15 feet and is designed for inside use only.

On its website, the company said its motivation for the project, was that, "We are constantly coming up with new flavors, new packaging, and new innovations for popcorn. However, the one thing that never changes about popcorn is the way we eat it. Well, what if there was a way to change the way people eat popcorn by making it more fun?"

There's no word on when the Popinator may reach store shelves, or what it might cost, nor has the company said how it plans to prevent a rogue kernel from rifling out of control toward a victim's outstretched tongue.