Chevrolet Volt

You might feel if you have a bit longer commute that an electric car isn't for you. You may be right. Unless, of course, you are talking about the Chevy Volt.

When considering the longest legs for vehicles, the Chevy Volt stands out for its versatility. The electric/gasoline combination power plant is able to go 35 miles without taking a sip of gasoline. Once the gasoline engine kicks on, the car achieves an equally impressive 40 miles per gallon on the highway.

This capability comes at a price. As one of the first gas/electric vehicles on the market, the Chevy Volt goes for $31,645.

But you can recover some of those extra costs through government rebates and all that gas you won't be buying. You might even find it hard to wipe the smile off your face as you fight traffic on the way into work.

2009 Tesla Roadster sports car

Tesla Roadster

Can an all-electric car be sexy and hold its own against Motor City muscle? That all depends on the price you're willing to pay.

At $109,000, the Tesla Roadster is able to hold its own against other exotic gas-powered sports cars like Corvettes, Vipers and Porsches, but does so without a drop of gasoline.

With 288 horsepower, the svelte roadster is able to accelerate from zero to 60 in just 3.9 seconds. The company claims the roadster is able to travel 245 miles fully charged but this distance depends greatly on the type of roads traveled and the amount of lead in the driver's foot.

But what really matters is that while you'll be doing your part to be green on your way to work, you'll also look damn good. That might just be worth that extra bit on the price tag.