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Top Doctors 2018 Survey

A survey for doctors to nominate top doctors

Every two years, Madison Magazine puts out a call for Dane County medical doctors and doctors of osteopathic medicine to vote for the area's top doctors in a wide range of medical specialties.

Under the following medical specialties, please type the names of the doctors you wish to nominate for Top Doctors 2018. You will have the opportunity to nominate a doctor, once a day during the entire voting period. You are allowed to nominate different doctors each day, meaning that if you chose a doctor one day, the next day you can choose a completely different doctor. If a doctor's name is repeated in a specialty it will only be counted as one vote. Also, you are not required to fill out all specialty fields to have your vote count.

Please list first and last names; there’s no need to include M.D. or other initials. Along with the name, please include the doctor's place of practice whether that is a clinic or a hospital. Make sure to click the red vote button next to the write-in field to submit your vote for each specialty.

Nominations in the Service to Community and Service to Profession categories will be considered for special recognition in Madison Magazine. Service to Community asks physicians to nominate a fellow doctor who uses his or her knowledge and expertise to make a significant difference in the health and welfare of Madisonians. Service to profession asks physicians to nominate a peer for his or her extraordinary work in advancing the practice of medicine.

Please note that if you are not a Madison-area M.D. or D.O., you are not eligible to take the Top Doctors survey.

If you have any questions regarding the Top Doctors survey, please contact Web Editor Maija Inveiss at

If you are experiencing issues while voting we recommend using the browsers Chrome or Firefox. Be sure to pause or disable any ad-blockers or browser add-ons if you're unable to see the survey. You may need to use a different device if you are not able to find and pause or disable the program that is blocking the ballot.

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