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11 ways to avoid getting pinched this St. Paddy's Day

Local shops offer plenty of trendy green items

Can we all just agree to avoid the gaudy green fahion faux pas this year on St. Patrick's Day?

Wearing green to celebrate the Irish holiday doesn’t mean you have to be decked out head to toe in Irish flags, green shiny pants or oversized shamrock sunglasses. And for the love of all that is good, put the  “Kiss me I’m Irish!” T-shirt away. Instead, showcase a touch of green in a classy way with some spring fashion trends.

I went to the Hilldale Shopping Center on a hunt for pops of green that will guarantee a pinch-free day (and won’t make your kids or husband embarrassed to be seen with you). Celebrate the holiday, spring and the latest trends all in one. Here's a few items I found:


Subtle Staples

Sanctuary Peace Trooper Pants, $119, Evereve


Flight Jacket, $148, Evereve


Statement Pieces

Silk button-back tie tee, $85, Madewell


Traveler Pullover, $88, Anthropologie


Geoscope jumpsuit, $128, Anthropologie


Barry - Frank & Eileen, $188, Twig


Green Feet

Minnie Travel Ballet - Tory Burch, $225, Twig


3 for $30 socks, $14, Free People



Bandana, $12.50, Madewell


Williamsburg faux suede baseball hat, $28, Free People


Night Cat Sunnies, $25, Free People


Check out some local thrift stores as well for some green classics.

Danae Luetkehans is a web editor at Madison Magazine.


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