You can't say bipartisanship isn't possible

To get something done

You can't say bipartisanship isn't possible

Last week Governor Walker signed 55 bills into law. The number itself isn't necessarily significant. And these days new laws aren't always in the best interests of citizens. But there are a couple of aspects to the bill-signing marathon that grabbed our attention.

First, some of these new laws are genuinely good policy. The most obvious example is the bi-partisan legislation requiring independent investigation of officer-involved deaths. Our editorial board has long been supportive of that change. But there are also new laws ensuring rights for people with disabilities and expanding access to worker training partnerships and making it easier for students to retain eligibility for incentive grants.

But, get this; no fewer than seven of the bills were bipartisan in authorship and approval. Now, seven out of 55 isn't a huge number, but in a political environment as toxic as this one we think lawmakers deserve some credit for doing anything together. All in all it's proof that it is still possible to get something done. Would that we could see more of it.

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