Wisconsin Warrior Summit

Understanding and caring for our veterans

On this Veterans Day we acknowledge the challenge of accommodating the impact of service on our military men and women, and the need to make sure that those who have chosen to serve us have the resources they need when they return to civilian life. And because so many of us take that service for granted, and don't really understand the need, organizations like DryHootch of America are so important.

The Madison Chapter of DryHootch is partnering with 10 other organizations this week to offer the Madison Warrior Summit. This two day event at the Bishop O'Conner Center on Madison's West Side is offering attendees "a better understanding of how military culture impacts the life of a veteran and his/her family." There will be sessions on topics like post- traumatic stress syndrome, suicide prevention and legal and financial issues for veterans and their families. It's billed as a way to ensure "our young vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan know that there are others who understand and care about them."

It's important work, and we applaud the collaboration and the effort.



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