Wisconsin Science Festival proves science is cool

Wisconsin Science Festival proves science is cool

First of all, science is cool.

Second, the scientists, researchers, artists -- yes artists -- and professors at the UW, like those at the Institutes for Discovery and Morgridge Institute for Research, help make science cool.

And if you want proof, by all means get to one of the events at the Wisconsin Science Festival Thursday through Sunday.

More than 200 events in over 30 Wisconsin communities offer hands-on, interactive experiences with people who are passionate about what they do.

There are demonstrations and performances and workshops and more and they all bring science to life often in the intersection with art, discovery and simple fun.

It's a lot of stuff in a lot of places and together it is a spectacular display of the impact higher education and science education has on our lives and our world.

In other words, the Wisconsin Idea. Learn more at wiscifest.org.

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